Aug.31 【Brisbane】Hawaiian Hula Dance
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    その他 MK
    Brisbane QLD

    Are you interested in dancing Hula?

    I have 4 years experience of Hula in Japan in one of dance team.

    If you are living not so far from CITY, there is Trial lesson( for FREE).

    Date: Sun. Aug.31 【10AM】
    Place: Roma park ( near Roma street station)

    1h30- 2h lesson
    * basic Hula steps
    * hip moves
    * dance with Hawaiian music

    Bring your Paleo(skirt) or casual clothes

    please don't hesitate come by yourself :)

    Also, I can do
    * private lessons
    * teach group
    * volunteer at senior citizen's home or hospital

    Feel free to contact me anytime by Email
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